Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo

Bryce Canyon has a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy. For the more daring, cowboy-loving visitors, there is a fantastic rodeo in the area. There is no other activity that combines danger, skill, and entertainment the way that a rodeo does. If you have only ever seen a rodeo portrayed in a movie, you really don’t know what you’re missing.
Beginning on Memorial Day Weekend, thousands of people will flock to the Bryce Canyon area for the fantastic rodeo. The Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo is in action four nights every week, Wednesday through Saturday. Since this event is open multiple days a week, you have ample opportunities to get out and enjoy the shows and competitions.
There are many things about the rodeo that set it apart from every other event and activity. It has a rich western history, tons of interesting, thrilling activities, and things to do for people of all ages. If you are lucky enough to be in the Bryce Canyon area during the rodeo, it’s an event you will not want to miss. The Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo is so much fun for the whole family, you may want to make a special trip to Bryce just to enjoy the cowboy experience at the rodeo.
History of rodeo
The history of the rodeo is a long-running and interesting story. Long before rodeos, the activities that make up a rodeo were an everyday part of life for a working ranch hand. Cowboys weren’t wrestling steers and tying cattle for sport, but rather to make a living and put food on the table. While each activity has its own roots, all the goings-on at the rodeo can be traced back to the early days in the wild west.
While most people may think of the rodeo as a purely American influenced sport, it has roots in many cultures. Mainly Spanish and Mexican inspired, the rodeos activities were a way of life for the men of the west. Herding their cattle and breaking their broncos were essential parts of daily life.
Eventually, groups started traveling as part of Wild West Shows, which were meant to show off the skill and grit of cowboys. During these shows, performers would reenact cowboy activities, like steer wrestling and bronco busting, while adding their own flair. These shows became very popular as time went on, and famous rodeo cowboys (and girls), like Buffalo Bill and Tillie Baldwin, are still known to this day.
The rodeo has grown to be an incredibly popular sport across the United States. Many competitions are televised, and they bring in incredibly large crowds. Things like the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Organization have helped to bring the popularity of the rodeo to new heights. The deep, rich, and interesting history of the rodeo is one of the many things that make it an exciting and unique experience.
Activities at the rodeo
When people think of the rodeo, they often associate it with bull riding, rodeo clowns, and cowboys in denim and signature cowboy hats. However, if they had ever attended a real rodeo, they would see that there is so much more to rodeos than cowboys and bulls. At Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo, you will get the full experience of the many activities the rodeo offers, all in a fun and comfortable atmosphere.Bull Riding
Bull riding is the activity most closely associated with rodeos. There is something incredible and thrilling about watching a cowboy hang on for dear life as a massive bull tries to buck them off. Watching this event can be nerve-wrecking, and for good reason. The average bull being ridden is around 1,800 pounds or more. The strength and mass of these enormous animals are quite intimidating. But, as nervous as you may be for the cowboys, they feel right at home on the back of one of these beasts. Watching a cowboy swing and sway to get their eight-second ride out of a bull is truly mesmerizing. Although this is the most popular sport, there are many others that are daring and breathtaking.

Steer Roping
Calf roping is a practice that is still done on ranches for a good purpose. Roping cattle is the best way to brand or tag them for identification. It is also a good way to restrain the animal for necessary checks and procedures. This necessary practice is done with a flair for rodeo shows. The cowboys are on horseback during this event. They will select their calf from a group of cattle that is released. After they have used their rope to catch the calf, they dismount their horse and tie it up. They must do this as fast and accurately as possible to secure a good time and score. Watching this event is intense and will have you cheering as loud as you can for the competitors.

Bronco Riding
Breaking horses is something that has been done since well before the west was settled. As horses were brought to the land, it was important to break in new and wild horses. Since horses are used for many important tasks, a skilled bronco buster is invaluable. In the bronco riding competitions, cowboys try their best to mount and ride wild bucking broncos. Cowboys can do this event either bareback or with a saddle. Obviously, bare back is more challenging, but both are wildly entertaining to watch. Bronco riding is one of the most popular events at the Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo. Many enjoy watching as cowboys perform a task that has deep historical roots and requires true grit, skill, and determination.

Barrel Racing
Barrel racing is the ultimate sport of skilled horseback riders. This fast-paced, exhilarating competition shows what true skill and sportsmanship is. Barrel racing is a timed race where riders must maneuver their horses while going at an extremely quick pace. The horse and rider must make their way around three barrels and, to win, they must have the fastest time. The horse and rider must be agile and efficient together. Being in the crowd at Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo for this exciting event will be unforgettable.

Get in on the action
If you would rather be a part of the action than to sit in the crowd, Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo has terrific activities for you to be part of the rodeo. Both adults and children can exercise their inner cowboy during the trip. If you are looking to test your bravery, strength, and skill, bull riding or sheep riding is the perfect opportunity to do it.

Bull riding
Adults can test their western skill by mounting a bull. Sign up for this event by 5:00 pm on the day of the rodeo, and have the experience of a lifetime. Bull riding is a demanding, sometimes dangerous, sport. Climbing on the back of a massive bull is not for the faint of heart. If you are rearing to show off your cowboy skill at Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo, bull riding is the perfect chance to do it.

Sheep riding
Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo even has exciting activities for children. Younger kids can strap on a helmet and hop on the back of a sheep. They’ll have so much fun trying to hang on, and it’s always a laugh for the crowd, as well. Let the little ones burn off some energy and have a unique and memorable experience.

Admission and ticket prices
Starting on Memorial Day Weekend, on Wednesday through Saturday every week, you have the chance to experience the Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo. The rodeo gates open at 6:30 pm Utah time each night. Show starts at 7:00 PM. Of all the things to do in Bryce Canyon, this will be one of the most exciting experiences you’ll have during your trip.

Tickets can be purchased either at the Activities Desk inside the Best Western Ruby’s Inn lobby beginning at 4:00 PM the night of the event or at the entrance gate to the rodeo beginning at 6:30 PM. Your ticket will grant you admission to the rodeo grounds, but there will be other events and products you may want to purchase once you arrive.

Ticket price for general admission for adults is $14.00. For children 5 years old to 11 years old, tickets cost $9.00. Currently, children under 5 do not require a ticket.

The Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo provides so much entertainment for an incredibly low price. You will have a full night of exciting entertainment that you will never forget.

Saddle up and head to Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo
Whether you want to be a spectator, or want to unleash your inner cowboy, Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo will be the experience of a lifetime. Sit back and enjoy the show as cowboys demonstrate what it means to be a rugged westerner. Cheer for the cowboys as they race around barrels on horseback or tie down a calf in record time. You will be amazed at how much fun you will have, and how many memories you will make, when you visit Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo.