Bryce Canyon Half Marathon

Running is more than just an activity, it’s a way of life. People who love to run have a hard time going a day without pounding the pavement or racing through trails. Running is a great way to get exercise, clear the mind, and meet people with similar interests. Running is so much more than a sport or exercise, it’s a unique and exciting lifestyle.
For those who love to run, and are looking to get a little more competitive with their running, the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon may be the perfect event. Whether the runner has competed in half marathons before, or this would be the first one, it’s hard to find better running than in the Bryce Canyon area.

Bryce Canyon area

Bryce Canyon is a part of Utah that is known for its beautiful scenery and breathtaking landscapes. Not only is this area beautiful, it is also very diverse. The race can go from running through towering pines to making its way along rocky landscapes in a matter of minutes. The changing settings throughout the race make it fun and interesting to run.
Another wonderful thing about Bryce Canyon is the fact that the weather is great year-round. At the time of the race, the temperature is warm and the chance of rain is very low. It’s never very humid in Bryce, so it feels much cooler than more humid areas, even when the temperature is high. Bryce Canyon’s Half Marathon will be one of the most beautiful, comfortable, and exciting half marathons ever run.

What is a half marathon?

Those who are new to the world of running, or are not familiar with competitive races, may not be sure what running a half marathon entails. While a marathon is just over 26 miles long, a half marathon is, well, half of that. The just over 13-mile-long race is not for the faint of heart. To put the half marathon in perspective, running 13 miles is equivalent to running from one end zone to the other on a football field 6,000 times. That’s a strenuous task, even for experienced runners.
Since half marathons are quite long, runners should always train for a few months before the race. There are many different training schedules for beginners and seasoned runners. If able, it may be a good idea to enter a few 5k races leading up to the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon. However, each half marathon is very different from 5Ks as well as other marathons. The elevation of Bryce, the different temperatures, and the varying terrain will require dedication and training. For prepared runners, half marathons can be a wonderful experience, and the best place to have this experience is in the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon.

Race day

The Bryce Canyon Half Marathon will take place the second Saturday in July. The race is set to begin at 6:00 am and has an end time of 9:00 am. This allows runners a total of three hours to complete the half marathon. The early start time will allow for cooler temperatures throughout the race. Also, the amazing sunrise views will easily distract from the long run ahead.
If is important to understand the breakdown of the day of the race. There are many different things that runners should know ahead of time about the day of the race. Marathon events take a lot of coordinating and a tight schedule to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Runners will want to stay in the loop regarding the schedule and pay attention to any race notifications. Being at registration and getting to the starting line on time is imperative. If the 6:00 start time is missed, the runner will be unable to race.
Before the day of the race, information packets for races will be handed out. This will take place on Second Friday in July, the day before the race. This packet will include the race route, bib, and other important race materials. Knowing what to expect in the days leading up to, and the day of, the race will help to make the experience easy and let runners focus on running.

Race route

The race route for the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon provides a beautiful, scenic run. The red and pink rock lead into the lush countryside and allow runners to make their way into the gorgeous little town of Cannonville. The route of this half marathon pack so much beauty into a relatively small distance. It will be one of the most beautiful races most will ever run.
The race begins along Highway 63 at the Ruby’s Inn in Bryce, Utah. The route then proceeds onto Scenic Highway 12. Since runners will be on the stretch at the start of sunrise, they will witness some of the most beautiful views available in all of Utah. The cliff faces will be vibrant hues of orange and pink as the sun reflects off their surface. These views would leave anyone breathless.
As the race continues, it leads into Bryce Canyon National Park. Bryce Canyon National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Utah.
There are countless rock formations, great views from and elevated area, and lots of interesting wildlife to see. For four miles, runners will be surrounded by the unsurpassed beauty of Bryce Canyon National Park.
Once the runners exit the park, they will be in the wide-open spaces of the Bryce countryside. The route leads through lush pastures and local ranches. Surrounded only by fresh air, runners will feel like they’ve entered a peaceful, endless meadow. This countryside stroll is a fantastic halfway point for the half marathon.
The route continues to the town of Tropic after the countryside. Runners will find themselves racing along the Paria River, which will provide a refreshing new view as the half marathon comes to an end. Runners should try and enjoy this gorgeous view before they reach the town and reflect on the great work they have done.
The race comes to an end at the finish line in Cannonville. A sight for sore eyes, the finish line is surrounded by signature Utah red and white rock. The view as the finish line is crossed is one that will not soon be forgotten.
This over 13 miles long racing route takes runners through a wide variety of landscapes, views, and elevations. There are few races that provide such unique challenges and the reward of a spectacular view throughout the run.

Why run in the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon?

The Bryce Canyon Half Marathon is a terrific race for many reasons. If the tough challenges, scenic views, and unique experience aren’t enough to motivate a signup, then surely the prize money is a big enough incentive. Racing in the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon allows runners the chance to experience Bryce and the surrounding areas while competing in the sport they love.


The challenges presented in the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon are different than those of other races. One of the biggest differences between this area and other is the elevation. At the beginning of the race, especially, runners may find it difficult to catch a full breath in the thin air. The race quickly descends to lower elevations but remains challenging throughout. The varying terrain is different than what most runners are accustomed to running on. This can result in slightly slower race times and a much bigger challenge, even for experienced runners. While the challenges may seem daunting, nothing is worth doing if there isn’t a bit of a struggle for it. This makes completing the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon that much more satisfying.

Scenic Views

As mentioned, the scenic views of Bryce Canyon and the surrounding areas are some of the best in not only the state, but the entire country. Along the route, runners can see red rock formations, deep, sprawling canyons, and wide open, undeveloped spaces.
The red rock formations to be on the lookout for are things like plateaus and hoodoos. As runners pass these geological wonders, they will stand out from the rest of the landscape, providing a great viewing experience.
Canyons like Inspiration Point are visible along the race route as well. Gazing into this deep canyon is well worth the long run.
Sadly, there are very few undeveloped areas left across the United States. The wide-open landscape of the Bryce Canyon area provides a completely uninterrupted view of the horizon. This view will be one of the most vivid memories that many take away from the race. With so much to see along the run, runners may find themselves wishing that it lasted a bit longer.

Prize Money

The one thing that can make a victory feel even better is a little bit of money to go along with it. The entry fees collected go into a winnings pot which will total $3,000. This money will be divided up among runners in both the men and women’s groups. This prize money is a great incentive to get runners motivated to challenge themselves to a half marathon. For information regarding how the money will be awarded, consult the race packet or official website.

Have fun, let’s run

Running is a fantastic way to get exercise, satisfy a competitive spirit, and, just maybe, win a little bit of money in the process. Entering the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon will require time and dedication, but the satisfaction of completing this half marathon cannot be beaten. Make this year the year to see new places, dedicate time to running and fitness, and competing against other runners in a fun atmosphere. Don’t miss the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon – Register today!