Bryce Canyon Airport

Bryce Canyon Airport is a regional airport located 1 mile to the north of Bryce Canyon. This makes the drive to Bryce Canyon from the airport a little over 5 minutes. Its proximity to both Bryce Canyon and Grand Staircase- Escalante make this airport perfect for flying into the area as well as using the airport to travel to nearby cities for a more complete and exciting vacation. Even for travelers who don’t intend to fly to a different destination, a visit to Bryce Canyon Airport can be a fun and exciting journey.
The features of Bryce Canyon Airport are what sets it apart from other airports. The most noticeable difference between this airport and others is the unique hangar. This hangar was built out of local Ponderosa Pines and resembles a rustic log barn. This incredible structure is leaps and bounds more aesthetically pleasing than the standard metal hangars that are seen at other airports. The Bryce Canyon Airport, with its 7,400-foot-long and 75-foot-wide runway, is a true joy to fly to and from.
When considering flying out of Bryce Canyon Airport, there are a few things that are great to know. Travelers will want to have an idea of where they can fly to, who they will fly with, and what other services are offered locally. With so much to offer to its guests, Bryce Canyon Airport will not disappoint even the worldliest of travelers.

Where to Fly
There are so many great places to go from the Bryce Canyon Airport. One of the best reasons to board a plane in Bryce is to travel to nearby cities to experience the best of Utah and the surrounding states. Instead of travelers having to spend hours driving to a big city, they can hop on a plane and get there in minutes. The following are just a few of the places visitors can fly to out of Bryce Canyon Airport.

Las Vegas
What better way to pump a little excitement into a vacation than with a trip to Las Vegas? In what will seem like the blink of an eye, guests can get from Bryce Canyon Airport to Las Vegas. They can spend some time trying their luck at the casinos, staying in luxury suites, and seeing the amazing shows and sites of Sin City. Once travelers have had enough of the sleepless city and its bright lights, they can return to Bryce Canyon just as quickly as they left. By flying out of Bryce Canyon Airport, guests can experience two very different vacations during one trip.

Salt Lake City
This large city in Utah, which also happens to be the capital of the state, is packed with exciting things to do. This city is very family friendly, so those vacationing with kids will not want to miss a visit here. Salt Lake City has fantastic dining, shopping, museums, and unique activities for all to enjoy. Visit the amazing Salt Lake, stay in one of their many beautiful hotels, and then return to Bryce Canyon. This short flight will take visitors to a whole different world without ever leaving the state.

St. George
A very short flight from Bryce Canyon Airport, St. George offers enough activities for either a short or long stay. There are many accommodating lodging options, great dining, and lots of other great things to do. Travelers will want to visit the St. George Temple, Snow Canyon State Park, and Sand Hollow State Park. While St. George is only about a two-hour drive from Bryce Canyon, flying there out of Bryce Canyon Airport will allow travelers more time to explore the gorgeous city since they will be able to get there much more quickly.

Cedar City
This lovely city offers many great things to do and see for travelers. It is full of great dining, hotels, and activities. Guests will spend their days visiting museums, trying local cuisine, and marveling at this unique city. For those traveling in the winter, Cedar City is the perfect place to stay when skiing at Brian Head Ski Resort. Spending a day or two in Cedar City and then flying back to Bryce Canyon is the perfect way to get the most out of a trip to Utah.

Page, Arizona
Located in Northern Arizona, Page is a city that can truly be called a hidden gem. While it may not be a household name, there is one amazing site in Page that many people have heard of. Page is home to Horseshoe Bend, an incredible rock formation where the water curves around a huge boulder below a steep cliff. Besides Horseshoe Bend, Page is home to Glen Canyon Dam, Antelope Canyon, and is one of the few places around that offers authentic Native American cuisine, like Mutton Stew and Navajo Tacos. Page is the perfect place to fly to for a lovely day trip or to spend a few fun-filled days.

Airlines at Bryce Canyon Airport
For a regional airport, Bryce Canyon Airport has an impressive selection of airlines to fly with. Most of these airlines travel to the cities listed above. Travelers can also take flight with a few of these airlines for sightseeing tours, which will land back at Bryce Canyon Airport. Whether traveling to a nearby city or just getting a bird’s eye view of the beautiful landscape, a flight out of Bryce Canyon Airport on one of their many reputable airlines will be an unforgettable journey.

The following airlines fly out of and into Bryce Canyon Airport:

  • Bryce Canyon Airlines
  • Air Grand Canyon
  • Air Vegas
  • Talon Air
  • Grand Canyon Airlines
  • King Air
  • Westwind

Services Offered
While it’s great to have a pleasant journey into and out of an airport, there is much more that goes into having a good experience. The local services offered when travelers get where they are going play a huge role in whether a trip will be successful and exciting. In and around Bryce Canyon Airport, there are many different services that will help to make the most out of every vacation.

Rental Cars
When flying into an area, it is important to have a car to get around to all the different sites, especially in more rural areas where public transportation is lacking. That is where the local rental car services come in. At the airport and nearby, guests will find two different rental car companies to choose from. Bryce Canyon Rent-A-Car and Hertz are conveniently located so travelers can rent the vehicle of their choice during their stay. Choose from sedans, vans, SUVs, or trucks, according to the renter’s preference. Keep in mind, rental companies have age restrictions for renting cars, often requiring renters to be over 21 or 25, so calling ahead is a great idea for younger travelers.

Nearby Lodging
Bryce Canyon has no shortage of beautiful places to stay. The town is home to many different lodging options. Guests can choose to stay in a hotel, motel, resort, cabin, campsite, and much more. Many of these lodging options offer special amenities like WIFI, breakfast, recreational areas, and discounts on other local businesses. A few of the more popular places to stay in Bryce Canyon are Ruby’s Inn, Bryce Canyon Resort, and Best Western Plus Bryce Canyon Hotel. These are just a few of the many options. A quick search will bring up many more places to stay, which means every traveler can find the perfect lodging option during their time in Bryce Canyon.

Local Activities
What really draws the crowds into Bryce Canyon, and the main reason most people will fly into Bryce Canyon Airport, are the incredible parks. There are two unforgettable parks located minutes away from the airport. These parks bring in tons of visitors throughout the year, and for good reason. Guests can visit both Bryce Canyon and Grand Staircase- Escalante during their stay in Bryce Canyon. These parks offer many fun activities, like horseback riding, hiking, and biking.

The most popular activity to partake in while in these parks is to hike and see the many incredible natural formations along the landscape. In Bryce Canyon, hiking along Rim Trail, Navajo Loop, or one of the many other trails in the area is a great way to see hoodoos, gorgeous amphitheaters, and unique wildlife. Grand Staircase- Escalante offers adventures such as hiking through slot canyons, like Zebra Slot Canyon and Peek-a-Boo Gulch, or discovering amazing natural structures, like the Devil’s Garden. Whether visiting just one or both parks, visitors will make incredible memories along this gorgeous, rocky terrain.

Fly with Bryce Canyon Airport
The choice to use Bryce Canyon Airport is a terrific one. Travelers can use this airport to get into Bryce Canyon, visit popular cities nearby, or get an aerial view of the amazing landscape. The option to fly to places like Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and other great cities means that guests can have two unique vacations in one. The many airlines that fly out of and into Bryce Canyon Airport are reputable and are centered around making sure that the customer has an incredible flying experience. Once guests arrive at Bryce Canyon Airport, they will be in awe of the wonderful services and activities available to them. For a one of a kind vacation that everyone will be envious of, travelers should fly into Bryce Canyon Airport and have an unforgettable adventure.

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