The History of Bryce Canyon City

The city of Bryce Canyon is well known for Bryce Canyon National Park. However, there are many more amazing things to do and see in this city that make it the prefect vacation destination. Bryce Canyon is family-friendly, full of unique experiences, and is a dream for those who love the outdoors.

There are many things that make Bryce Canyon such a special place to visit. The history and people of the land, the places to stay, dine, and explore, as well as the many excursions to enjoy while in the area all combine to make a stay in Bryce Canyon one of the most action-packed and thrilling adventures anyone could ask for.

The People and History of Bryce Canyon City

Without the people who have settled, grown, and protected this land, Bryce Canyon would not be what it is today. Whether talking about the natives who first used this land or the Europeans who called it home, the people and history of Bryce Canyon have a very interesting story to tell.

Native Americans
Across the west, there were many groups of Native Americans who traveled across the landscape. These Native people gathered resources, lived off the land, and scoured for places to settle and call home. The two groups who left archeological evidence in Bryce Canyon, the Anasazi and the Paiute, are a big part of what has made Bryce the beautiful place it is today.

The Anasazi tribe is the first group of Native Americans to leave evidence of their presence in the Bryce Canyon area. It is unlikely that this group stayed in Bryce for long, due to the harsh winters, but they used the land and passed through Bryce several thousand years ago.

Once the Anasazi people passed through, the Paiute moved in. They used what is now Bryce Canyon for hunting, gathering, and they even cultivated the land. They likely stayed in the area longer than the Anasazi, braving the cold and harsh winter. Many Native Paiute Indians still live in many areas of Utah and other western states.

European Americans
As with most places across the United States, settlers slowly began to trickle into southern Utah. These settlers brought only their families and what they could carry to try and find a place to call home and start a better life for themselves.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder-day Saints
Also called Mormons, these pioneers were responsible for settling the Bryce area in the 1850s. The Mormons are responsible for the settlement of most of Utah. They fled to Utah after settlements in the Midwest were attacked and they eventually found what is now the state of Utah to be their haven.

Ebenezer Bryce
In 1874, a homesteader named Ebenezer Bryce called this area of land his home. Though Ebenezer Bryce lived in many areas of Utah, his reputation and many contributions as a homesteader in the Bryce area earned him the right to have his name used for the area.

Bryce Canyon City Today

While much of the natural landscape of Bryce Canyon remains untouched, especially within Bryce Canyon National Park, the area has been developed to be the perfect destination for travelers. Within the city limits, there are many places to stay, restaurants to enjoy, and activities to take part in. These terrific businesses allow visitors to get the best of both worlds while staying in Bryce Canyon City, which are the beauty of nature and the convenience of a big city.

This is one aspect of a vacation that can make or break the entire experience. Guests should feel comfortable wherever they choose to stay, be it a fancy hotel or a tent on a campsite. With Bryce’s many lodging options, every traveler can find the perfect place to call home during their trip.

Ruby’s Inn
For an incredible room and much more, Ruby’s Inn is a great lodging option. They have rooms to accommodate anywhere from two guests to two whole families. Their rooms include cable television, high-speed internet, a coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave, and much more.

Ruby’s Inn also has a campground that can accommodate tents and RVs of all sizes.
In addition to lodging, Ruby’s Inn has shopping, dining, and other fun activities on site. This means guests can have a fun filled day without leaving the Ruby’s Inn area.

Bryce View Lodge
The spacious rooms and comfortable beds at Bryce View Lodge will make visitors feel as though they never left home. Included in each room are various amenities, such as WIFI and cable television. There is also a nearby outdoor pool to cool off and a shuttle to the local airport.

Bryce Canyon Pines
When staying at Bryce Canyon Pines, guests can choose from rooms, cottages, or campsites. They have something for every traveler’s needs. There is also a restaurant on site and an outdoor pool and hot tub. Each room includes free WIFI, kitchen amenities, and cable television.

Best Western Plus Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel
This updated and modern hotel includes luxurious suites, double queens, or king bed rooms. This Best Western provides all the amenities travelers expect to receive. Those who stay here give the hotel great reviews. There is a full breakfast buffet, exercise room, and a nearby restaurant for guest’s convenience. The outside area features a well-maintained pool, hot tub, and patio for the ultimate outdoor relaxation.

Bryce Canyon Resort
Guests can choose from rooms or cabins while staying at Bryce Canyon Resort. This lodging option is pet-friendly, so visitors won’t have to leave their furry friends out of the excitement. This resort provides basic rooms for a comfortable but inexpensive stay with the bonus of an indoor pool and a brand new outdoor pool. Guests should also be sure to visit the onsite restaurant for a delicious and convenient meal.


What’s a vacation without terrific food? There is nothing worse than getting to a destination only to find that the dining options are limited to takeout and fast food. This won’t be a problem in Bryce Canyon City since the city is home to some of the most delicious dining imaginable.

Cowboys Buffet and Steak Room
Fill up after a long day of outdoor adventures. This buffet and steak room’s best feature is their expansive buffet, though there is a menu to order from, as well. Included in the buffet are various meats, like steak and ribs, delicious and filling sides, like mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese, as well as desserts and even ice cream.

Ebenezer’s Barn and Grill
Guests will get so much more than a great meal at Ebenezer’s Barn and Grill. They will be treated to dinner and a show. While eating delicious cowboy-style fare, diners will take in one of the various cowboy or country music shows on the barn and grill stage. There are four menu options to choose from, which include either steak, salmon, ribs, or chicken with sides. To finish the meal, guests will enjoy one of Ebenezer’s Barn and Grill’s tasty desserts.

Canyon Diner
This is the place to go for a quick bite of American classics like burgers and fries. Canyon Diner provides fast food style dining for travelers that want to get back to their adventure. This diner is located at the Best Western.

Bryce Canyon Pines Restaurant
The food at Bryce Canyon Pines Restaurant is rated number one in Bryce Canyon City. They provide down-home cooking in a warm atmosphere. Diners can choose from many options including steak, soups, sides, and their famous pie.

Foster’s Family Steak House
Travelers can stop into Foster’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner during their stay. They have traditional cowboy fare, like steak, ribs, and seafood in their lovely restaurant decorated with a western theme.


In between relaxing and eating, guest will want to fill their time with exciting adventures. Getting outdoors and enjoying the beauty of Bryce is the number one thing visitors choose to do. However, there are plenty of other exciting things to do that don’t involve strenuous outdoor activity. When it comes to things to do, Bryce Canyon City hits the mark every time.

Bryce Canyon National Park
The biggest reason visitors come to Bryce Canyon City is to enjoy the beautiful Bryce Canyon National Park. There is so much to do and see within the park limits. Some of the most popular activities guests enjoy are hiking and enjoying the scenic overlooks and views.

Outdoor Adventures
Outside of the park, guests can enjoy many thrilling adventures that they may not be able to experience otherwise. There are many companies surrounding Bryce Canyon which offer fun adventures like ATV riding, horseback riding, and aerial tours of the park and surrounding areas.

Old Bryce Town
In Old Bryce Town, which is a popular tourist destination, visitors will find unique shopping and businesses. This area is so much fun to explore and is a great way to take a break from all the outdoor action.

Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo
Staying in Bryce will inspire guests to bring out their inner cowboy. There is no better way to do that, and get a feel for the Wild West, than with Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo. The rodeo features cowboy shows and competitions that are fun for the whole family. Guests can even get in on the action and try to ride a bucking bronco or bull. This exciting rodeo is a great way to spend an evening while in Bryce Canyon City.

A Deep History and Bright Future in Bryce Canyon City

Both historically and presently Bryce Canyon is a terrific place to explore. The area has grown immensely to accommodate travelers and provide an exciting experience for even the worldliest of people. Guests can enjoy the outdoors, stay in a comfortable, modern room, and dine on fine foods during their stay. Bryce Canyon City is one of the most impressive cities in all of Utah and will give travelers a vacation they will never forget.

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