Bryce Canyon Winter Festival
For over 30 years, Ruby’s Inn has hosted an unforgettable winter festival in Bryce Canyon. This festival is held President’s Day weekend and brings snow-loving visitors from around the globe each year. While other seasons in Bryce Canyon offer activities like hiking and biking, the winter season in southern Utah, from November to March, gives guests the opportunity to enjoy countless winter activities, both indoors and out. Its welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere and the incredible amount of winter activities make the Ruby’s Inn Winter Festival the perfect place for every adventurous traveler.
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The following are just a few of the amazing experiences guests can enjoy while visiting Bryce Canyon during the Ruby’s Inn Winter Festival.

Scenic Winter Tours
During the Ruby’s Inn Winter Festival, visitors can enjoy outdoor winter sports tours, like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Cross country skiing is an exciting sport that combines the thrill of skiing with beautiful views of the outdoors. Since cross country skiing is done on flatter terrain, skiers can enjoy the gorgeous Bryce Canyon landscape as they glide over the snow on cross-country skis.

Snowshoeing tours are also offered during the winter festival. Snowshoeing is done at a slower pace than cross country skiing and is a great way to experience hiking in areas with deeper snow. Even most visitors who have never enjoyed winter sports can learn to cross country ski or snowshoe and be out on the trails for a tour the same day.

Informative Clinics, Classes, and Demonstrations
Health clinics like pain relief, injury prevention, and nutrition classes are offered throughout the festival. These informational sessions will give visitors useful information about getting and staying healthy so they can continue to enjoy a life of adventure in places like Bryce Canyon.

Visitors can learn a new skill by taking a kayaking demo, watercolor class, archery clinic, or photography clinic. These classes and clinics are a great way to meet people with similar interests and find a new hobby.

There are also many exercise classes so guests can keep up with their workout during their vacation to Bryce. Yoga, Zumba, and other exercise classes are led by skilled instructors who will give visitors a great workout while still having fun.

Thrilling Competitions
During the winter festival, there are many exciting competitions guests can enter or watch. The competitions featured include races, as well as artistic contests. The races include cross-country ski races, snowshoe races, and a people-powered sled race. There is also a kid’s snow boot race, so even the youngest visitors can join in on some friendly competition.

There is a ski archery competition as well, which requires incredible strength, stamina, and skill from the competitors. The ski archery competition takes place on Sunday and the Cross Country ski races on Monday.

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Some of the non-race contests include a snow sculpture contest and a photo contest. These contests allow artists from southern Utah and around the world to showcase their talents and give guests a chance to enjoy their beautiful artwork. Whether competing or just spectating, the thrilling competitions during the Ruby’s Inn Winter Festival will be a source of unforgettable entertainment.

Exciting Entertainment
Throughout the Ruby’s Inn Winter Festival, there are many exciting activities for all ages. There is hands-on entertainment, like crafting for adults and kids, where kids can create many easy crafts and adults can make leather journals, home décor, and pottery. There is also children’s entertainment, like a puppet show and various informational talks for kids.

Perhaps the most popular of the entertainment options is the Hot Air Balloon: GLOW, which is a breathtaking hot air balloon show featuring six skilled balloonists performing in Bryce Canyon’s night sky. Every guest will find an exciting and enjoyable way to be entertained during Ruby’s Inn Winter Festival.

Experience the Ruby’s Inn Winter Festival
For those who visit southern Utah during Ruby’s Inn Winter Festival, there are so many winter activities to enjoy that choosing what to do during a visit may be the hardest part of the trip. The best part is, the number of activities available means that the whole family can find something fun to do during Ruby’s Inn Winter Festival. From strenuous outdoor fun to educational activities indoors and out, everyone who visits Bryce Canyon during the winter festival will fall in love with this annual event.

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