See Bryce Canyon on Horseback

To ride through the Bryce Canyon wilderness on horseback is to experience the west as the natives, as well as the pioneers, once did. The leisurely stroll through this incredibly beautiful area allows riders to take in the magnificent views throughout the entire ride. These views, as well as many other aspects of the ride, are what help make this activity so special.
There are many things to know and plan before beginning a horseback riding journey. From proper riding basics to views to look out for, these things come together to provide an unforgettable horseback riding excursion.
Riding basics
As with any activity, there are some things that are important to know before the journey begins. Beginners and pros alike will benefit from running through the horse riding basics, such as riding gear, experience levels, and businesses to ride with. Covering these important pieces of horseback riding knowledge will ensure a fun and safe excursion. No matter what type of riding trip has been planned, these basics will apply and be an important part if the overall experience.Riding Gear
The gear that is used during a horseback ride is an important thing to be familiar with. There is gear for the horse as well as the rider. For the horse, gear like the saddle, bit and bridle, and the reigns are all very important pieces of the ride. Being familiar with their function is a great step in understanding how riding a horse efficiently truly works.
The rider will also have important gear like a helmet, proper shoes, and appropriate clothing. These articles help to reduce the chance that the rider could be injured during the journey. While the helmet may be provided by the stable, other appropriate clothing is the responsibility of the rider. A safe ride is a fun ride, and the proper gear ensures that the ride is safe for everyone.
Experience levels
One of the most important things to know before beginning a horseback riding adventure is the experience level of the rider. Those who have only ridden a few times, or have never ridden, can assume that they are at a beginner level. For those who have ridden many times, on varying terrains, for long amounts of time, may be considered expert or experienced riders. This distinction is incredibly important to ensure that no one is injured or put into a difficult situation during a ride. To avoid getting in over their head, riders should speak with their horseback tour guide before heading out to decide what experience level they are.Riding companies
In the Bryce Canyon area, there are many different stables in which to rent a horse and schedule a guided tour. With a choice of places available, it may be difficult to decide exactly who to ride with. In order to make this decision, it is a great idea to look at several factors. The location of the ride, how long the ride will last, and the types of riding that will be done will all play a role in which company to choose. Riders should investigate each company and become familiar with all they offer. By picking the perfect people to host a horse riding tour, chances of having a wonderful experience increase greatly.Views to look for
What sets Bryce Canyon apart from every other location in the world is its incredible landscape. There are so many different new sights to be seen along each path. Inside the park and outside of the park have so many incredible views to offer. From geological formations to scurrying wildlife, around each corner of Bryce Canyon, there is a new experience awaiting visitors. Riding through Bryce Canyon on horseback allows riders to experience the beautiful views in a leisurely manner.Geological wonders
Some of the most incredible things to see in Bryce Canyon were made over the course of millions of years. The amazing rock formations of the area are unlike any other in the world. Canyons, hoodoos, and mesas are just a few of the formations to be on the lookout for during a horseback ride. These rock formations are unlike any other found in other parts of the country, and across the world. The views transport horseback riders to a simpler time, when the land was wild and the landscapes were never ending.

When horseback riding, taking a ride at sunrise or sunset can make the journey even more beautiful. While the rising and setting sun is gorgeous across the globe, there is something about these times of day at Bryce Canyon that is truly breathtaking. The sunlight from the low sun bounces off the red and pink rocks, engulfing horseback riders in a world of deep, rich warmth. Pictures could never do the Bryce Canyon horizon justice. It must be experienced to understand its beauty, and there is no better way to experience it than on horseback.

The wildlife in Bryce Canyon is as unique as every other feature in the park. While on horseback, riders are likely to come across some of the magnificent creatures that call the park home. From woodland creatures to reptiles to soaring birds, a horseback adventure provides a multitude of wildlife viewing opportunities. While taking in the scenery, it’s a great idea to look for the wildlife that makes Bryce Canyon so special.

Riding lengths and locations
The trail that will be ridden and the length of the horseback riding adventure will depend on a variety of factors. The riders experience level, the area preferred for riding, and the amount of time desired to be spent on the trails are all important to consider. No matter where or how long the ride is, Bryce Canyon has a trail and experience for every rider. Some of the more popular rides are listed and described below.

One and a half-hour tour
The shortest tour available, a quick one and a half-hour tour is great for first-timers. Easing into horseback riding by starting out with a quick trail loop is a great way to get experience without the risk of being stuck on a long, uncomfortable journey.

One and a half-hour tours lead through the Bryce Canyon back country and along beautiful trails near the canyon. This is a great way to get the horseback experience without dedicating an entire day to an outing.
Half-day tour
The half-day tours are usually around three or four hours long. These tours are great for both experienced and inexperienced riders. The longer duration allows for a complete horseback riding experience, so the rider will not feel like they’ve missed anything.
A half-day tour leads riders through gorgeous scenery and down to the canyon floor. There are many opportunities to see the beautiful landscape and rock formations along these trails. Also, it’s a great way to experience the canyon without having to hike.
Full-day tour
For experienced riders, the full-day tour usually lasts around five or six hours. It is important for riders to have quite a few hours on the saddle before embarking on this riding excursion. During the tour, the group will stop, have lunch, and take in the breathtaking beauty of Bryce Canyon.
The full-day tour leads down to the canyon floor and along the canyon trails. This ride is one of the most unique experiences one can have while at Bryce Canyon. Riders get to spend the day living like cowboys before returning to their everyday life.


Thunder Mountain Ride

The Thunder Mountain Trail starts at the bottom of Red Canyon and ends at the top of Red Canyon. This ride offers the most breathtaking scenery in Bryce Canyon Area as your backdrop. The Thunder Mountain Trail with its switchbacks and narrow backbones will leave you with an experience that you will remember for years to come.  Leaves daily at 8:30 a.m. May 1 through September 30. Children must be at least 10 years old.
This ride is seasonal.

Year-round fun
Horseback riding in Bryce Canyon is one if the few activities that are available throughout the entire year. No matter what time of year the journey takes place, each season has something fantastic to offer.Winter
Ride along the canyon during one if it’s most beautiful times. With a dusting of snow and the bright shimmer of ice, the Bryce Canyon rock has never looked more beautiful than it does during the winter. Temperatures are usually quite bearable, but even in the cold, the amazing view is well worth the extra layers of clothing.Spring
Spring is a time of life and renewal. Horseback riding through Bryce Canyon in the spring is the perfect opportunity to see the incredible flora and fauna of the area. Though spring has more days of rain than other seasons, looking ahead at the weather forecast ensures that each ride remains uninterrupted.Summer
For those who love hot weather and a bright sun, a horseback ride in the summer is a fantastic experience. Riding at sunrise or sunset during this time gives an incredible view of the horizon. There is a lower chance of rain in the summer, which means adventures are unlikely to be interrupted by poor weather. When visiting Bryce in the summer, a horseback ride should be a top priority.

Fall is a terrific time of year for a variety of reasons. A leisurely horseback ride is more enjoyable thanks to the temperate weather. The views of the changing flora are another terrific perk of horseback riding in Bryce during the fall. Horseback riding is one of the most exciting activities to partake in during the fall.

Saddle up
Saddling up and heading out to horseback ride in Bryce Canyon will be an unforgettable experience. There is no other way to feel so connected with the outdoors and the history of the west at the same time. Horseback riding in Bryce Canyon is an opportunity to learn new things, see unique land, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Riders will experience Bryce Canyon in the same way the pioneers did, and there is nothing quite as magical as that!

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