ATV Riding and Bryce Canyon

There are many exciting adventures awaiting those who travel to Bryce Canyon. From hiking to horseback riding, everyone can find the experience that fits them. There are more leisurely expeditions, like a short tour of the canyons, and more thrilling endeavors, like an ATV ride through Bryce Canyon and the surrounding area.
Those who are interested in exploring Bryce Canyon by ATV have a lot of different things to consider. The type of ATV, touring company, and trails to ride are just a few of the choices that must be made. As with any adventure, riders should carefully consider these aspects of the ride, and more.
The following breakdown of the usual ATV riding experience in Bryce Canyon is a great start to helping riders understand what to expect before hitting the trails. It will also ensure that riders have the best experience possible while on ATVs. After making these important decisions regarding the ATV riding experience, all riders have left to do is ride the trails and enjoy the gorgeous Bryce Canyon area.
Types of ATVs
There are a few different types of ATVs, or all-terrain vehicles, available for rental. The type of ATV rented will depend upon the company that is renting them out and the preferences of the rider. There are ATVs that seat anywhere from one to six people. This means that groups of all ages and sizes can have an exciting adventure while ATV riding in Bryce Canyon.
The following are ATVs that are most commonly available for rental. Each rental company offers different types of ATVs, so it is important to make inquiries ahead of time to ensure that the desired ATV is available. There are great things about every type of ATV, so riders should be sure to consider all their options.
Traditional ATVs
A traditional ATV is what most people would call a quad or a four-wheeler. These ATVs can typically hold a driver and a passenger. These vehicles are terrific for small groups of older riders who would like to have control of the vehicle. Quads are also great for giving riders the full 360-degree view of the landscape. These rugged machines impress riders with their speed, agility, and climbing capabilities. Riding through Bryce Canyon on a traditional ATV is the ultimate outdoor sport.Side-By-Sides
Side-By-Sides are a relatively new ATV. These vehicles look like a dune buggy or go-cart. They come in many different sizes to accompany different amounts of passengers. Side-By-Sides can haul anywhere from one driver and one passenger to one driver and five passengers. These vehicles are perfect for families with younger kids or other members who cannot be in control of their own vehicle. It gives riders a chance to talk about the experience while it’s happening and truly take in the sights and sounds together. This more comfortable ATV will provide a luxurious and powerful ride through Bryce Canyon.Dirt Bikes
The dirt bike is perhaps the most extreme way to ride through Bryce Canyon. Riders who are already experienced on a dirt bike will have a blast speeding along the rugged Utah terrain. There are many different size dirt bikes to choose from when booking an ATV tour. Most companies that offer dirt bikes limit the riding capacity of bikes to only a driver, no passengers. This makes dirt bikes a great choice for more experienced groups of riders to get together and head out on the Bryce Canyon trails.

ATV Rental and Tour Companies
One of the great things about going ATV riding in the Bryce Canyon area is the huge number of companies available to ride with. There are several reputable companies in the area that offer a variety of different ATV options. These different companies will also have different trails and journeys to take riders on.
It is a great idea for riders to investigate a few different companies and get an idea of the vehicles they offer and trails they cover. By choosing the best fit for each rider, they are sure to have an incredible and memorable experience while ATV riding in Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon ATV Adventures
Located in Bryce Canyon, Utah, Bryce Canyon ATV Adventures is a family-owned company dedicated to providing a fun and safe ATV adventure for each one of their riders. They pride themselves on teaching beginners how to ride safely, bringing awareness to conservation and local riding laws, and giving customers a great value.

Ruby’s Inn ATV Tours
This wonderful ATV rental company is a part of the booming business of Ruby’s Inn. Each tour begins just outside of Ruby’s Inn, near the Bryce Canyon Car Care Center. They offer shorter rides through the pine forests and up to the rim of Bryce Canyon. Riding with Ruby’s Inn gives riders a great chance to experience Bryce Canyon in a short period of time.

Grand Staircase ATV Tours
Located in Tropic, Utah, Grand Staircase ATV Tours offers rides on a variety of exciting terrains. They take their riders out to the Grand Staircase area, which is right next to Bryce Canyon. They offer tours anywhere from two hours to three or four days. This is a great company to choose for a truly immersive and exciting ATV ride.

Trails to Explore
There are so many incredible trails to explore in the Bryce Canyon area. This part of Utah is well-known for having a landscape that consists of many different terrains. From rocky canyons to lush forests, riders can experience a plethora of riding environments in a very short amount of time.

There are certain trails that different companies take riders on. For those who are looking to ride a certain trail or area, it is a good idea to consider the different companies and find one that services the area desired to be ridden. No matter which part of Bryce Canyon is ridden, it is sure to be a thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Forest to Bryce Canyon Rim
Riders can ride along the winding trails through the Ponderosa pine forests of Bryce Canyon. These scenic trails lead right up to the Rim of Bryce Canyon, which is as close as ATV can get to the area. These beautiful rides are a great way to experience all that makes Bryce Canyon so incredible.

Grand Staircase
Riders can ride along Grand Staircase- Escalante, and even go all the way to the famous Grand Staircase- Escalante Monument. These rides provide a gorgeous view of the rocky landscape and an even more incredible view of the setting sun. These rides are sure to provide a memorable experience.

Casto Canyon
Riding through the incredible Casto Canyon is the closest thing to riding in Bryce Canyon National Park, which is not allowed. This canyon ride is challenging and beautiful. It provides a closer look at the rock formations that make this area of Utah so incredible.

Ride Durations and Prices to Ride
Costs to ride vary greatly between each company. The biggest factor in the price of a ride is the length of the ride. Riders looking for a short experience will pay the least, while longer rides will get increasingly more expensive.

The longer rides are well worth the cash, but even budget-conscious guests will find a great experience. By choosing a ride that fits their wallet, riders can get the most bang for their buck and have a relatively inexpensive day of adventure. Remember that prices vary according to the rental company, so it is important to verify prices upon booking.
The following price averages are based on an adventure on a traditional ATV. A traditional ATV is the least expensive vehicle to ride for many reasons. Renting a side-by-side or a dirt bike will be a bit more expensive. Riders should contact the company they would like to ride with ahead of time for more precise pricing information.Half Hour Rides
A half hour ride will generally cost around $40.00. These are great for families with young children or those who just want a short ride.One Hour Rides
A one-hour long ride will cost anywhere from $45.00 to $70.00 dollars. These are a great choice for a complete riding experience without having too strenuous of a journey.Three Hour Rides
These rides are usually around $100.00. Some may be more expensive depending on the location. This is a more immersive and intense ride that will leave the rider feeling as though they have really explored the area.

All Day or Multi-Day Rides
All day tours will usually cost around $200.00 for the entire day. Most all-day rides consist of an eight-hour rental period. Some companies even supply lunches.

There are a few companies that offer multi-day riding experiences. These tours vary in price greatly, so it is best to call the rental company to inquire about longer adventure tours. Most of these tours include overnight lodging and meals. They are a great way to get the most out of Bryce Canyon and the surrounding area.
Ride Through Bryce Canyon
Riding on ATVs is one of the most exhilarating things to experience while in Bryce Canyon. There are so many incredible things to enjoy during a ride along the trails. Riders can take in the amazing scenery, learn a new skill, and get their adrenaline pumping as they speed along the countryside.
While there are so many different activities to choose from while in Bryce Canyon, ATV riding is one that should not be missed. No matter which type of vehicle, which company, or which trails are ridden, riders will never forget the incredible experience of zipping along the Bryce Canyon landscape. Guests who want to complete their Bryce Canyon experience shouldn’t miss out on an exhilarating ATV ride.

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