The Best Views in Bryce Canyon

One of the best reasons to travel to Bryce Canyon is for the incredible views. This landscape is brimming with beautiful and unique sites. Around every corner, visitors can find an interesting natural feature that they would not be able to see anywhere else in the world. Many of these sites can be seen without a great deal of strenuous hiking, which is great news for those with mobility issues and for families with younger children. Whether travelers come to the area for the hoodoos, arches, amphitheaters, or one of the many other beautiful features of Bryce Canyon, they will leave the park with incredible memories of the gorgeous landscape, and hopefully a few pictures, as well.

The best, most efficient way to visit these incredible points is to follow the roadway that leads to the scenic viewpoints. This allows visitors to see the very best of Bryce Canyon National Park without taking days to do it. The trip to the following viewpoints takes most visitors only a few hours. This means they can see the best of Bryce and still have other exciting journeys in the same day. Guests can stay at each viewpoint as long as they like, taking in the views and allowing themselves to be engulfed in the beauty of nature.

Sunrise Point

This popular viewpoint in Bryce Canyon offers incredible views of the rock formations that Bryce is known for, which are hoodoos. These incredible structures are formed over millions of years due to erosion, freezing and thawing, and water movement. From Sunset Point, visitors can see Thor’s Hammer and The Silent City, some of Bryce’s most popular hoodoos. Visitors can also see Sinking Ship, an amazing rock formation set against Aquarius Plateau. Some other sites to look out for while gazing down from Sunrise Point are the Limber Pine, Fairyland Canyon, and the incredible reflection of the sun off the pink and red rock terrain.

One of the best things about Sunrise Point is the fact that it is quite easy to get to. From Bryce Canyon Lodge and the visitor center, getting to this scenic overlook is a short walk. With just a few minutes of light walking, guests will be peering over the edge of this amazing site in Bryce Canyon. For those who would like to get some better views, Sunrise Point is the trailhead for the popular Queen’s Garden and Fairyland Loop trails. Whether looking for an exciting adventure or just wanting to get an incredible view of Bryce Canyon National Park, Sunrise Point should not be missed.

Bryce Point

Looking down over Bryce Point gives visitors an unbeatable view of the Bryce amphitheater. While Bryce may be called a canyon, the large, gaping formation in the park is, in fact, an amphitheater. Within this amphitheater, there are countless rock formations to gaze at in wonder. Guests will notice the layers of rock, the resilient plant life, and the rocky terrain that make up this gorgeous landscape.

Bryce Point is one of the many scenic spots that the Bryce Canyon shuttle will stop at. This, or by car, is the easiest way to get to Bryce Point. There is no tough hiking required, so the trip to Bryce Point will be short, fun, and full of incredible views.

Paria View

For an incredible sunset view of some interesting rock formations, look no further than Paria View. This stunning viewpoint looks high over the floor of Bryce Canyon. The large hoodoo that rises from the base of the amphitheater bounces the sun’s rays back at visitors who choose to explore this view. This makes it the perfect place for photographers to visit during the “golden hour” of sunset.

For those who would like to get to Paria View from the road to take a view pictures, it is a relatively easy journey. This viewpoint can be found just two miles off the south road. It takes most visitors less than an hour to get to and from this photogenic area of Bryce.

Farview Point

This is a terrific overlook with incredible views. This overlook gets its name from the incredibly far distance visitors can see from the overlook area. Gazing out over this scenic area, guests will see a seemingly endless valley, hoodoos, slot canyons, and rocky ridges. The sun, no matter what time of day, bounces off the rock formations and across the landscape creating an unforgettable view.

It’s a short walk from the road to get to Farview Point. This makes it a great place to stop and explore after a long drive. Farview is also very close to Piracy Point, so when stopping at Farview it’s a great idea to take the short walk to Piracy Point for even more incredible views.

Piracy Point

This scenic viewpoint is often lumped in with Farview Point, but it truly deserves to be recognized on its own. Though many of the views are similar to Farview, there are many more incredible things to be seen from this overlook. The most impressive are two large rock formations that closely resemble battleships. It just takes a bit of imagination to see them sailing toward each other in the heat of battle. Along with these ships, there are various other rock formations and plant life that are a treat to see and photograph.

The number one reason to visit Piracy Point is that it is so close to Farview. For guests who are already at Farview Point, walking the short distance to Piracy Point is well worth the trip. Just a view minutes of walking along an easy path gives guests a whole new perspective on Bryce Canyon.

Natural Bridge

This amazing view makes nearly every list of things to see and do while in Bryce Canyon. Everything about this impressive formation makes it a point in Bryce Canyon National Park that should not be missed. Natural Bridge is a massive 85-foot structure that has been formed by erosion over millions of years. Guests can take incredible photographs of this terrific arch and can even get up close and personal with Natural Bridge for some unforgettable selfies.

Getting to Natural Bridge is not an arduous journey. There is a nearby parking lot where guests can start their short hike. From there, it is a short walk along the rocky but beautiful terrain to get to Natural Bridge. Guests will notice the stunning arch right away, making the anticipation of seeing this natural wonder nearly unbearable. Once guests arrive at Natural Bridge, they will want to have plenty of time to explore the arch and the surrounding area.

Rainbow Point

From staggering heights of 9,100 feet, visitors can peer over the edge of Rainbow Point and see an incredible array of rock formations and plant life. The rock formations vary in color based on their depth into the amphitheater. This allows visitors to see how different the rock layers are as the earth gets eroded further throughout the years. It is an incredible feeling to look down on this land and be a part of the history that goes along with it.

To get to Rainbow Point, it is a short walk along the terrain from parking the car. The best place to view Bryce from Rainbow Point is at the northern side, overlooking the southern rim of the amphitheater. The elevation thins the air greatly and reduces the oxygen giving visitors a unique feeling as they look at the landscape.

Fairyland Point

While all the scenic points in Bryce offer terrific views of hoodoos and rock formations, Fairyland Point may be the most unique and spectacular. From this point, visitors will see Fairyland Canyon, a narrow but breathtaking canyon in the amphitheater. From the top, guests can view parts of Fairyland Loop, which allows them to experience the trail’s beauty without having to make the difficult hike. Some other amazing views from this point are Sinking Ship, Aquarius Plateau, and Navajo Mountain. These views and more combine to make Fairyland Point an unforgettable experience.

Getting to Fairyland Point is quite simple. There is a parking area close to the point where guests can leave their car and take a short stroll to the most scenic part of the overlook. Fairyland Point is also the trailhead for Fairyland Loop, so it may be busy with hikers making their way onto the trail. The Fairyland Loop Trail should only be completed by prepared and experienced hikers, so visitors should not let the desire to see Fairyland Loop more closely lead them into a dangerous and strenuous hiking trip. The view from the point is magnificent on its own.

Take in the Views in Bryce Canyon National Park

The beauty that draws visitors from around the world to Bryce Canyon is an incredible thing to experience. Seeing the gorgeous landscape from one of these many overlooks and viewpoints gives guests a complete picture of why this land is so special. Whether driving through or staying a while, travelers should schedule in a bit of time to enjoy the beauty of Bryce Canyon National Park.

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